• Alt tabbing and other issues with other programs while playing Rust
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I have a few issues with alt tabbing and using other programs while Rust is running. 1. I have a vision impairment and I use the widows magnifier program and it doesn't work while alt tabbed out of Rust. 2. Google chrome seems to go into stages of not responding in the background or when I am playing Rust . Sometimes this happens during gameplay and causes frame rate lag. 3. Discord has gone into states of not responding as well as it being sluggish and needing restarting while playing Rust
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Prob something to do with your rig, either cpu or ram isn't quite up to the job of multitasking. I'm just assuming this mind, as i don't know what set up you have. All i know for certain is rust can be a complete resource leech. You could try running in Windowed mode and seeing if that makes any difference for you. Ignore the other guy,. Seems he's our resident forum cunt. They seem obligatory these days....
This is and has been a known bug for like...ever
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