• Problem with Rustafied servers, still waiting for replay from staff.
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I do not have to explain you can see my problem on the videos. Cant connect via F1 when type "connect IP" (i am using the right ip incase you reply check your ip might be wrong) becuase searched in battlemetrics and copied Rustafied EU Main IP then triend with US main and..... also forums are not loaging on pc only main site. and nothing in the official list. Restarted game too many times, verified game files, restarted steam but nothing. Ideas?
I got the same problem
i have the same problem too
Perhaps you should stay in contact with Rustafied? Nothing can be done about it here as Facepunch has noting to do with them. You really didnt have to post that here
Thanks i am happy becaue i have reply that means a lot for me. I am in conversation with rustafied staff. Last time i got reply they asked me to type something in CMD and then i do it and got kind of connect fail or idont know i hope they help me
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