• Rust not launching
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I have tried verifying integrity of game files, uninstalling and reistalling, restarting PC, restarting steam. But my rust, when I click launch, for 5 seconds it says running, and then says syncing for 1 second and then just closes PLEASE HELP!!!!
i am having the same problem. try to start with no luck. just crashes. all other games work fine. tried to reinstall, no luck. checked integrity, restarted pc, repaired anti - cheat etc... nothing works. please help. Many Thanks in Advance.
I'm also having the exact same issue. Been playing just fine then tried to play the other day and no luck.
I've had the same issue since the update last week. And I have tried all sorts of things without luck. When i try to start the game as an Administrator, it does launch but the screen is completely black.
I am having the exact same issue and I’ve tried every possible solution but no luck. I only started playing the game last week and now it’s not working.
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