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I have just over 700 hours in rust and have never cheated but I messed around with auto hockey script to reduce recoil since I've read that EAC doesn't ban you for it but I was instantly banned. I never cheat and never will I would just really love to have my game back.
I think that it will be very hard to get unbanned ... almost inpossible but ofc u can try.
Same as I .... After 135 unnactiv days, got banned, after 4 hours playing, no cheat, nothing. Today, I reinstall win, grab another account on steam, buy rust, play for two hours... than I go to rustafiled server, after 15 sec got banned again. Fuck this shit EAC they can suck my dick hard fucking retards.
*sigh* Any mods, please, make a pinned thread with some links for peoples who got banned. Go contact with EAC if you really didn't cheated.
Nope I would not. Thats wasted time. I send about 5 emails to EAC. After 4 days they send me reply. "You was banned because cheating." nothing more, nothing less. Its just funny . If you wanna lose your time like me, go for it, but they will never unban you. And when you buy fresh copy, you can play for two hours, than they kick your *ss. Money miners from EAC.
Auto hotkey gives you an unfair advantage ingame, no matter how small that advantage is it is still considered cheating
"I mEssEd aRouNd witH aUto hocKey scrIpT". "I nEveR chEaT aNd NeveR wIlL"
Important: All EAC bans are permanent - EasyAntiCheat has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and will not lift EAC bans on request. If a round of EAC bans is determined to have been issued incorrectly, they will be automatically reversed by our servers. Creating a Support ticket will not cause your ban to be removed. Private Game Servers: Private game server (modded or community) may ban you without a reason. This is the server admins discretion. Good luck making them change their mind. Find a new server to play on.
It is unnecessary to revive / bump old threads like this...
This post is GOLD hahaha. "Never used cheats" "700+ hours" "messed around with the auto hockey script to reduce recoil" You messed around with a script your not allowed to change, and you got banned for it! What where you thinking lol, that adjusting the recoil is something every player is allowed to do, making vallues that are different for every player, and gives you the oppertunity to be better than others because of these settings?! And even if you're trying to come up with the "I'm a mod dev" you should know what you are allowed to change and what not! Even if you're a mod dev, you should know that changing this will end up with a ban for everybody using it, because one of the most used cheats is no recoil and no aim bot. Rust simply does not allow you to change recoil and that type of things, because when they do, making cheats would get even more easy.
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