• Can't Research/Craft Binoculars, Shop Front
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So, I've read one or two posts about this, but the replies don't seem to grasp the issue. We already understand that there are some items you can't craft, like the M92 pistol. Whenever this post gets made, people assume Binoculars have simply been added to that list. Here's the thing: you can still see the Binoculars recipe if you search for it in the crafting menu. You can't research a BP. The same problem appears to be affecting the wooden Shop Front. Like Binoculars, the Shop Front will occasionally drop from crates & barrels. It appears in the crafting menu but can't be researched for a BP. The level 1 Workbench will still spit out Shop Front and Binoculars blueprints when doing experimentation. Even when you get the BP, you still can't craft the items, further leading me to think this is a bug. Given the way this is behaving, this appears more like a bug than an intentional design change. Is there a Dev post specifying that Binoculars and Shop Fronts are no longer craftable? Otherwise it seems like people are jumping to conclusions and not actually reading forum posts. Thanks.
I noticed the same thing, and unlike others read through your entire post. Binoculars should most definitely be a craftable item.
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