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how can you autospawn scientist in rust whit no plugin ?? can someone tell me ???
npcplayerapex.population # The number represents the amount of scientists per square kilometers; a 4000 size map (default) has 16 square kilometers. Use: server.writecfg In order to save the new config options for whenever you restart your server.
Thx ill test that
Try copying this exactly: npcplayerapex.population 5 Tell me how it works out for you.
ahhh ok ill try thanx m8
Ok did some more research (don't have access to a computer) They spawn in radtowns only. Try: nav_grid true Follow it up with: npcplayerapex.population 5 The go to your nearest radtown. Sorry for my earlier post, my information was outdated (as far as I know)
ok thx ill try that and happy newyear
Same to you
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