• I can not start Rust.
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Here is the problem:
same problem
it's really a shame.
The error seems to mean that this DLL isn't valid. Rust Client (or EAC most likely) might compare checksum of critical files like those. The fact that this DLL doesn't pass the test either means that the checksum stored by Rust / EAC is wrong (unlikely) or that your file isn't the original one (maybe you've used cheats in other games or downloaded some weird stuff from some weird sites?). Here are the hashes for this file : MD5: EF440004F026D1498F178FC28959B62E SHA1: 022FA4D911CE77410663D06BE2B5501666634280 If you don't know how to compute those, you can use this online tool : http://onlinemd5.com If you get the same checksums for your file than those I mentionned above, then the problem comes from Rust / EAC. Otherwise, you'll have to find yourself a clean copy of the file. Good luck with that. There's a lot of sites that will offer you to download DLLs, but I wouldn't trust that shit. If you go this route, you'll have to validate the checksum again (yourself) before moving the DLL to your system's folder. Let me know how this goes !
Who are you, a nice and knowledgeable person? What's that, this is rust you're meant to tell him noob and run away flaming him! Jokes aside, good job you went out of your way to help the man!
I have to put the dll in which folder ?
They say to me: "You must have an authorization for this action"
They say to me: "You must have an authorization for this action"
Well yeah, you gotta be admin. I'm not a 100% sure how this is handled by Windows, maybe have a look online shouldn't be too hard
Update us on if it worked cause if it did @Kid Krule 's getting a coin
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