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I cant use some of my skins idk why and when i got to see my skins on rust this is what pops up Gyazo. Can some one tell my why this is happening and why i cant use my skins?
Press the [🔃] button top right of the main menu inventory screen and wait until it fully loads. Ingame, you must wait for the skin icons to finish loading before attempting to craft / reskinning them, otherwise you'll end up with unskinned/white squares items.
I did press the [🔃] but it still makes my skins look white and says icon name goes here .
The best way to make sure you load the skins you want to use in-game is to subscribe to the in the workshop section of Rust. Basically, go in the Rust workshop (steam version not in-game) go to the approved list for in-game, find your skins and make sure your subscribed to them: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/304/fef22910-bd5a-4425-8342-550df4ab0687/Screenshot_20180102-155104~01.png Middle left^
I subscribed to them and it still is not working in game skinning items so idk what to do plz help?
Thanks i will try this, but i added my flammabel tshirt manual, because nobody did this form facepunch and its used via /skins. Now how to subscribe to not approved
lol, you know that you can not use skins in game unless they have been added by facepunch?
Then there is this skin I bought which just won't show it's proper skin. Happened before the skin loading issue don't think they are looking into it or are even aware this skin is completely broken. When it loads in it's just brown. Antique dining table on steam
You can, that`s not dumb counter strike global offensive. Under modded tab if i use skins plugiin is allowed. I know this. if i know something wrong, correct me
You're talking about csgo, and this is rust. Running servers for 3-4 years with capture the flag, and adding custom made skins is something where I dream of in rust, but without rust adding them in the server update it's not possible for now, unless there is a privat plugin somewhere where I don't know about and you have to pay for. In that situation I like also like to hear where to find it, and how much I have to pay ;)
I use /skins and add them from workshop. But original from my inventory in steam or cusotm added sometimes are not loaded and thats the problem with skin system. If i stp game and open they redownload but, i tihnk downloaded stuff must be saved into your game permanently or in the sevrer folder if its form server plugin. I i do not know how whole sytem works at all. Just use /skins plugin
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