• I'm a server owner and was just kicked via flyhack violation for no clipping
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New to being admin on 2 servers from different providers. Decided to check out the one I haven't played on as much and see what the randoms were up to, when I was kicked (with ownerid set to my steam account and everything) for a fly hack violation level 131.5788 after hitting my noclip bind a couple times past the airfield. What exactly does this entail? I tried searching for the same thing and I haven't seen an owner get kicked like this from their own server. As soon as I was kicked I was able to rejoin and thusfar it hasn't resulted in anything else, other than the players on my server getting a laugh out of it. Help? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114546/76ca24b0-e2cc-4cac-8f8a-f089882c9640/20180102222425_1.jpg
Getting out of noclip in places where a "normal" player should not be able to be AND/OR switching noclip on and off quite a few times in a row can do that, kick you for flyhack. You'll get the same result of you glitch on a rock, or in between building parts, etc. If you're not actually IN no clip, the server is checking for flyhack. So switching it on and off probably made it check a few times in a row and see you not in to clip, flying, hence the flyhack kick.
That's all I needed to know! I was just making sure it wasn't some sort of false positive that would result in a game ban or something all because I wanted to no clip on my own server I'm paying money for, lol. Thanks!
Lol as long as you're not cheating or running software that could be used to cheat in Rust (admin abusing isn't considered cheating, so RA is fine ;) ) you're fine my man Enjoy! P.S. Happened a lot to me when I first started with my new noclip binds, got a lot of kicks, still kicking (in all the senses you want lol) that's why I know about it, it happens from time to time.
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