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Hey guys I recently brought Rust and when i connect to a random server the game is loading very very slowly.I stayed like 1 hour in loading screen 2 times and when i got connected i got timed-out imidiatly.Can you give help me to fix this problem i really wish i could play rust.
you need to upgrade your pc
Posting your specs or giving us info about where it gets stuck will help us help you
I have:Procesor:Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U at 1.80GHz but now is working at 3.33GHz,8GB Ram and Graphics are HD Graphics 4000(i know its integrated) but with overclock is working at the minimum nesecity of rust.
Putting so much stress on your CPU by occing it AND using the integrated GPU is bound to break your shit up and mess everything quickly. I'd suggest at least getting yourself a dedicated GPU then, with the workload release on your CPU it should improve it's performance. However, I'd also suggest upgrading said CPU as you're really pushing your luck with what you have. Those "minimum requirements for Rust" are more than likely not updated and that means you'll be lucky to get over 20fps on potato settings running the exact description of the "Bare minimum".
The thing is I am on a laptop and at least the game is a little playable im fine with that and isnt a program to decreas my loading time.
If someone proposes you a "program" that increases your computer's performance, it's a scam, and more than likely a virus. I'm afraid the setup you have at the moment won't be able to run Rust at all.
At all means like 60 frames on low am i right?
i HIGHLY recommend using an SSD my load times when using a HDD were like 5-10 mins using an ssd under 4 mins
I thinked too about a ssd but the problem thats is too expensive and i dont know if it will fit with my laptop.
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