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i keep getting banned idk whats going on. ive purchased the game 4 times now and everytime i log in i get banned within minutes. i've read through forums to find a solution. people say too try reformatting so i did, twice now. idk what im supposed to do. i play on my brother computer just fine but the second im on mine i get a ban PLEASE HELP
A face punch admin blacklisted ur hwid this is because u have been hacking and there is evidence or ur involved with selling 3rd party software I think u can make a ticket to appeal but if u just got it no way will l they remove it I have had my hwid flagged for about 6 months it's a sad life.
I heard on the 27th copy you get to play again. You cheated, got caught, and they got rid of you entirely; nice.
Wow! My friend just tried it (he's not cheating his dog just accidentally downloaded and turned on random cheats and eac has detected them...) and now he is no longer banned! After two years my friend is finally playing Rust again. Thank you! @Soxjuan you must try it too!!!
:dog: Dog https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/304/be2a54c5-f173-4b7e-b8fa-0aa9215116cb/image.png
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