• new update fps drops
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Hello after the new update i get fps drops in game every 1 min for 1-2 seconds. i have 120 fps and randomly drops to 30-40fps for 1-2 sec. this make the game unplayable !even when i play in potato do that! please fix it! my specs : i5 7500 gtx 1060 3GB ASus 8GB Ram SSD driver
kind a same here. im not sure is that update or something.. but fps never been so unstable.. gtx 1060 8gb here.
You may have already done this. But have you updated your graphics drivers?
how is 40 fps unplayable you spoiled rat... i average out at 20 fps
guys ofc and i update drivers,uninstall the game i do everything! still nothing happens! i stop playing because of this!
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