• Game Banned For No Reason
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I was playing with a group of 5 people on CNDBLOOD 5x. We played for the whole night till 2AM. I just woke up to come and play and to notice my account was banned. I know this may not get me unbanned but I would prefer to get my words out. I was playing rust back when it was in beta I don't want to lose my Frog Boots. Plus I don't want to spend another $32 to play.
Always link your steamID when posting here but I assume you have a "game ban" and not a "VAC ban". In that case no one here can help you since those bans are only handled by EAC, if you want to appeal the ban (or know why you where banned) contact them using this link: https://www.easyanticheat.net/#contact Good luck
Hello, I got a VAC ban on RUST and cheats I never had to ask for more information why I got a ban
Hey! do you know you can make a new thread? If you were VAC banned thats because valve/steam banned you, contact them since facepunch or EAC cant do anything about that
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