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Hi i was just wondering why there are no skins for double doors and are you planning on making any?
If I remember correctly, the double doors currently just use the single door skin with one side flipped. Before allowing the double doors to have their own skins I believe the devs wish to separate out the dependency so that the double doors will rely on their own skin model instead of the single door one, thus allowing creators to create skins that can take full advantage of the double door's width and such. But it's a pretty low priority compared to other tasks facing the team.
Thanks for the reply and info Msterxodin I agree its a low priority its just something i would like to see at some point as i am a huge fan of skins.
devs are more interested in adding butterflies
I'd love to see it too. I haven't done any skinning yet, but it's on my list of things I'd like to try, and the double doors would be a fantastic option to work on. I'm sure the current skin creators could do some pretty cool stuff with them too.
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