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please is there a place to go and find info on how to locate skins for in-game other than buying them. Played tons of ours and not found any of the hundreds of skins i see in rust other than some simple color differences. Please help.
You will have to buy it or destroy some of your current skins to buy barrels and boxes to open.
Buy it
The official store to buy skins is here: http://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/252490/ on modded servers many operators run the paid plugin SkinBox from Chaos_Code: https://www.chaoscode.io/resources/skinbox.17/ Or the free similar version Skins on Oxide: http://oxidemod.org/plugins/skins.2431/ I can understand folks getting cranky at folks bypassing the store. I personally have 14 pages of skins. But it is like being a kid on a candy store on servers with these mods. It is a hard temptation to resist.
I think mods that allow any skins to be used should be removed. having a skin is like a sense of achievement. but with that being said. It is way too overpriced so i can understand the "temptation" as mentioned by MalS. It would have been nice if skins where made accessable for an amount of hours after you stole if from someone and researched it
You could just "clone" skins with your friends, making the skin market crash and burn. The mods should only allow you to put in non-buyable skins, so as to not cut in the market's profit imo :P
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