• the field of adding new skins character to my friend changed skin color
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after adding new characters my friend's skin color changed from black to white. Because of this, he lost interest in the game, and no longer wants to play. I would like to return the old color of his skin. He deserves it because he supports the game by buying skins in large quantities. Its Steam address is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033808107/ . steam id STEAM_0:1:36771189. (please help me)
"Because of this he lost interest in the game" Tell your friend to suck it up and keep playing the GAME for the GAMEPLAY, not his character' skin color. There's plenty of dress up games out there where you can change the skin color of the char if that's what he's after. If he "liked it better before", well guess what; welcome to life, changes happen, some you control and some you don't. Your friend probably was just looking for an excuse to stop playing or really needs to learn to adapt to changes. Good luck with the Game.
There will be another skin change eventually but if skin colour is enough to make him lose interest then it's probably not the game for him.
Your friend is a racist.
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