• New idea?? Can we implement the idea of the backpack into this game?
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Many times i have noticed people fighting, winning, and taking gear but come to find out that all of the stuff they won is a bit too much for them to carry. If we add in a backpack that would cost cost around 150 - 200 cloth or something like that, i think it would be a great add-on to the game of rust. Thank you very much for your time. Peace out <3
I agree with this. I think about this today) It wold be nice that players can find a small backpack on the rad towns. Size 6 and 12 slots, small and big backpack, two types. An that will be very rarity item, like C4 ) Why not?
I have used a plugin called Backpacks on my server a long time.
They've (the devs) talked about putting in backpacks before. I'm pretty sure they have a basic model of it already but haven't' gotten around to putting it into the game yet.
Thanks for letting me know.
its in the roadmap
where do you think you carry all the stuff you have when you press Tab? Its just a imaginary Backpack. I dont like the Idea that you should be able to carry more stuff with you, than you can even put in large boxes.
Nice idea, when eqipped - slower movement. "Rare" backpack can be dropped to ground by pressing one button. "Common" backpack needed stop, and grab it to hands to operate with items within.
Check the roadmap. Roadmap Top-right postcard. All the ideas you've been talkin here about.
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