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Hello, I would like to know what are the requirements for a skin to be accepted in the game. Thank you
Hi, First you skin has to be approved/selected by X-tab or a dev, it is then slowly looked at and selected to "pass to the next round" if the devs beleive it's worthy. Here's the website where you can see the upcoming skins, the accepted ones (before they update the store) and the rejected ones. Hope that was the info you were looking for
Thank you
Thank you.
This system is bad... Xtab approves own skins much nice skins isnt added to the game ... dead game, dead systeme... it is end
Lol? Make great skins if you want great skins. Is the system perfect? No, but it's pretty good considering that if your skin is interesting enough it might be picked, they don't solely pick x-tab' skins.
Bad bad Bad system. I like rust and skins but because everyone knows the stupid bchillz and shadowfrax and ser winter and others their clothes accepted. I mean their logo clothes, but because nobody knows the poor flammable with his 100 subs on youtube and 4k hours on rust and his official tshirt cant be approved. I do not think my skin is perfect but the blue serwinter tshirt with logo or shadowfrax one are not special. Please check "Flammable Tshirt official" in workshop and type your commend whats worse or just of you are not too famous then noyhing?
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