• Double door skins
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Just curious why single door skins cant be applied to the double door world models. Is it a complicated thing or just not important to the devs? Not a big deal in game, just one of those things that I ponder.
It's something we wanted to do. The issue is that because the texture is flipped, any skins with text on them show reversed.
I was wondering this too, Garry. Have you guys considered allowing artists to make Dbl. Door textures? Or is that already allowed, but no one has uploaded anything yet or popular enough?
Have u tried to enable it just for fun? I mean, I know some skins would look awful! But but we can "save" one or another until you have the time needed to work on this... Artists CAN'T make it right now because Double Doors are Single Door's mirroreds... so, that's the problem Garry told about... they (FP) have to get some spare time to REDO it... so, as we have A LOT of more important things to be done ingame... we'll have to wait
Would be nice just to be able to flag a skin as "Double-Door-Able", skins without text or iconography.
Yes, i want this too!
we all want
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