• Items that contain 2 or more .obj files
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I was hoping some one could shed some light on making skins for an item that comes in more than one part on the workshop. I have been trying to work on a metal Facemask. It has two separate .obj files. I cant figure out how to sculpt details in Zbrush to make a new normal map. I loose the UVs when I combine the files. Any ideas?
How are you combining the files? Importing both Objs into something like Max or Maya and combining the meshes shouldn't blow away the UVs. Regardless, you shouldn't care about losing them in the first place. Keep the pristine objs separate in a folder. Combine them in a modeling program. This combined mesh is the base for your highpoly Sculpt that base into your new model. When you're done, this is your highpoly. Bake that highpoly twice. Once onto obj_01, and once onto obj_02 from the original. You'll have two normal maps. Combine the two maps in photoshop. Probably a more efficient way to do this, but trying to show. No need to combine them and save UVs. Since you need to use the original objs anyway, and the highpoly doesn't need UVs. Cheers.
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