• Skinnable objects missing from Rust SDK?
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Hello all. It looks like some skinnable meshes' .fbxs are not present in the Rust SDK. Looks like Guitar, Armored Door, others are missing. It also looks like some game objects may not be skinnable, like the wolf headdress. Is here any place where I can get more information on the skinnability for objects?
Rust SDK is outdated. Devs decided that is sucks and recommended to use in-game Workshop instead. Though it'll be nice if we could get FBX model of any item directly from workshop.
Oof, alright. Thanks for the response. That doesn't seem worth the trouble when the new textures won't even be available to upload to the in-game workshop. I guess this means that the in-game workshop is also just missing many assets; and this is intentional, and not a bug.
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