• What items don't have enough skins?
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What items have too few skins? What items have skins, but those available lack diversity? What sort of skins would you like to see for items that don't currently exist?
Thompson haven't a lot of skins
To clarify, I am looking to work on some skins, and am interested in ideas for what people want to see. Right now I'm just experimenting with a celtic 'barbarian' set, like Boudica (or Braveheart) if you've seen that. I'm thinking of making some Polish resistance fighter skins for the low-tier weapons next, but like I noticed with the bone headdress, some items seem critically over-skinned while others are neglected. I haven't found a good location yet for a consolidated list of: Skins per item Which items can be skinned (aside from the in-game workshop, which is cumbersome to audit) If you have suggestions for where I could get this information, or just ideas for things you think would be cool, I'd love to hear them.
love to see bed skins and salvaged axe
Please, if you would like to make skins, make GOOD ones, with textures and stuff, just don't throw garbages in workshop like the most part of the pseudo-artists do... that's why voting system really sucks, that's why lots of good skins can't be reached by Helk... there are LOTS OF SHITTY ones in there... And about skin itens, well... if anything don't have a skin yet it's because it's not skinable yet, so, don't lose your time looking for something that doesn't exist ok? Good luck! Would be good to see that !
I did a skin for the bolt action (definitely not neglected) more to test out a pipeline for working on stuff. Wanted to see if I could make it look like an antique Henry Rifle. Link here love to see bed skins and salvaged axe Thanks for the recommendation! I think I'll do a bed and rug skin next.
carpets, rugs, tables, chairs, fridges, thompson
This game needs more guitar skins.
Snow Jackets!! They're such good protection and used so much. One request to FacePunch: could you make the green stuff at the neck skinnable so authors can make it another color than ... green. Considering other common clothing like pants & hoodie has a bunch of cheap basic skins I'm surprised there is only a couple for snow jacket. There's no snow camo for instance!
Double Wooden Doors! Please make them without text, so Rust can not use the excuse of 1 door thats like a mirror and is showing the tekst upside down! (how hard can it be, Cmon...)
stfu idiot with ur snow jacket, noone uses that shit EVER
IF your looking to Rust items, and you realy want to make skins of items that already has 20 skins for it: The only thing I'n seriously missing right now are: Double Wooden Door skins RED-skins for every weapon (make it obvious red) Blue-skins for weapons (make it obvious blue) GOOD Red & Blue clothes skins, so in events like Capture the flag it's more obvious to see what team is in front of you, even looking from distance.
Like I said, you are WRONG. There is no fucking chair, table, rug, thompson or carpet skins, resulting in the existing ones spiking in price.
on the chair, table and rug I can agree, but to be honest, double wooden doors look more ugly / basic than all of them combined. Specialy with guns, these are already looking good, so thats why I don't get why they added python skins, but keeping away the double door skins because, and I quote: "With the double doors, the skins with text on it, will have one door with the tekst upside down, so thats why it's not in yet" In my opinion changing 1 side of the doors to disable the mirror effect should cost less time than applying all skins for every week and working them into the update.
You are definitely wrong about the time estimate on double doors! Would require a model update, and a larger texture (to maintain the same texel density). It's not a mirror 'effect'; it's literally the same mesh using the same texture. (just with *-1 on the x and u coords). Not saying it's impossible, but leveraging a pre-built system to import community skins is definitely far easier. Would also have a performance overhead. Not sure how many double-doors exist on the average server, but it will mean that each and every one uses double the memory allocation for textures.
I was just saying what garry once posted as answer of why the double door signs are not in yet ;)
well if u agree on those then thats all I need. I agree on double doors as well, however you clearly have personal interest in mind, while I odnt think double wooden doors are used that often at all and the aforementioned skins would benefit everyone, not just you. and they are already skinnable, but facepunch is too retarded to create proper sections for all relevant items. its a common theme with facepunch that little things which are EASILY fixable take forfuckingever to get fixed.
So if your thinking about something and I disagree, your gonna act like a little child? I'm telling you now that you've got the wrong person in front of you for that!
wtf are you talking about? shut your stupid mouth. the only one acting like a child is you.
Alright well, RIP thread, cheers
I do. Its a good cheap way to get access to most radtowns. but yeah, Tommy is in dire need of some skins.
everyone who is not in a zerg uses them... especially the solo players (o wait, did I mention anyone who is not in a zerg?)
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