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To start off I would like to say I understand the "Voting system" FacePunch has in place for allowing skins to be purchased. Not all skins should be allowed to be spread throughout every server for free. However, people spend hours on really nice skins and never get any use out of them. Simply because they don't have enough votes. There are tons of skins that are really good that I would have bought if I was able to. I was wondering if there would be a better system for moderating the skins while allowing people to use the skins they made for themselves or that they want. Something along the lines of allowing all skins to be used and bought by others. But can be downvoted or another means for removal. Or keep the same system but allow the creator of the skin to use them for themselves. At least people would be able to show off their skins they made and use them. It was really disappointing to make a few skins (while they are not that good) only to find out there was no point in doing so. I thought that at least I would be able to use them for my self on my server that I manage. But I cannot. Is there any reason why people cant use their own skins that they have made? I know FacePunch make money off the ones sold. I'm trying to be positive and refuse to think that its simply because they are greedy.....
I think then you would be constantly downloading skins in the background which could cause frame rate drops. Would be nice if the workshop was a little more interactive and gave you the ability to run around with the skin, pick it up and drop it etc. I think a paint booth would be kind of cool in game. Take a gun, and be able to spray it a certain color. At least making it more unique without having to buy skins.
They could always put a limit to the number you can have as in game skins. Skins alone are not that much detail not compared to the size of some bases i have seen. If detail was a issue you wouldn't be able to edit paintings and signs at will, or add multiple massive Mods and have the servers still run smooth.
I agree, but I think they are focused more on being able to process and render those massive bases along with more important immersion aspects. And of course there is the money aspect. I bet if they ever did this there would be a price :/
I can agree with the voting system. But don't think that allowing people to use their "own" skins would be nice.. would LAG-A-LOT the game...
Again with the augment that it would cause a lot of lag. You clearly dont get how little of a lag issue it would cause. If it was such a issue then they would have to get rid of paintings and skins all together. If it causes lag for you personally you probably need to get a better GPU. Skins are already in the server. You have to render the skins already..............the skins you render are simply ones you did not make.
I don't think the true problem is lag, but instead, load time. Loading the game scene can be packaged together, for a very quick load. If you allow players to upload skins piecemeal; there's no (as far as I know) way to package them together. This means each skin is 3-5 memory calls; each texture of each skin would get it's own loading bar. It also means that Facepunch could not control the resolution and therefore size of each file; you could get irresponsible players making 2gig skins, massively inflating server join times. Additionally; what if a player joins the game with 2 gigabytes of custom skins while you're being raided? Then you'd need to freeze everyone currently playing on the server in order to load in textures. Players who already have these skins would instantly finish loading, and be able to kill the frozen players. How do you solve this? But, even if all this could be solved; if I were able to just add my own skins clientside, this would mean that I am locally modifying a texture. This is the same system that counter-strike cheaters use to make their enemies bright pink for better visibility. Why not find the default player skin texture, and just locally make it 100% emissive? That way players would appear like lanterns at night, just on my computer. The solution to this is to allow players to create fresh skin entries that are registered with the server, and have some sort of streaming load. This would still cause internet lag (as you are now transferring game data and a file), and probably wouldn't work optimally, but it's not unprecedented (they had a similar system in Garry's Mod, but that was an entirely different engine). In order to allow players to add new entries to the game's skin roster would likely take months of programmer time for an inadequate result that generates no profit, the only benefit being it allows you to upload skins that you admit are "not that good." Admittedly, this seems like something that could occur on a modded server, I just strongly disagree that it should fit in with vanilla Rust.
While my skins are not that good simply because i only messed around seeing how it work and never put enough time into it, others have put hours into some skins that are GREAT. With that being said, the size of the skins could be caped per skin - per player - per-server. once one is reached no more can be added. Or each player can have X-size of skins in server and server is caped at y-size. Once it is reached new one simply dont load. Also they could make profit by simply saying pay X-amount per skin you would like to have in-game and pay X-amount if you want to try to sell it and if you do sell any facepunch gets a percent of profit. They could probably make more money that way then they are now. They make money by simply giving players buying their own skin, money by giving a chance to sell a skin, then make money again if sold.
I understand you feel strongly about this, and I don't necessarily disagree with all your points. I responded the way I did, because you were being condescending in your responses You clearly dont get how little of a lag issue it would cause. on things I didn't feel you accurately understood. Game development is very complicated; I can certainly guarantee you that there is a good reason this system is not in (if it is not on Garry's roadmap). I don't even know if the reason I posted are valid, but I am willing to admit that and trust in the devs. On profit, though: There's only so many people that will purchase a game. All playerbases plateau. Eventually, the team will no longer make enough money to sustain themselves by selling new copies of games alone. This is usually the incentive for market taxes (like the one on Rust items in steam). They offer a means to create a self-sustaining game, even after the point that new players stop arriving, if all the players are veterans/diehards. Skins seem to be better suited at selling themselves than selling the game; if I haven't played Rust, why would I want a steampunk sleeping bag? How would I even know what that means? Don't think your point is awful; think it's actually a good suggestion for a mod. I just urge you to be polite, civil, and not make assumptions (about posters or the devs).
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I didn't see any problems with your response? All of them seemed to follow the normal structure of a debate. I do realize how complicated game programming is. And while i see that adding this feature seems like it would lag, players already have to render or load many item. Large clan bases are one, the movement of turrets and their red/ green dots is another, paintings and signs and so forth. There are many other things that need to be rendered after you join the server. If players had to load the whole map and everything in it at once to join their are very few players that would be able to play. The way (in my opinion) they could get around potential lag by adding skins is by rendering it as you would with the large clan bases. you don't load or render it till you are near; for a skin simply make it so that you load the skin on pick up. That would bypass the whole lagging the server issue and lagging the players when joining. It would also bypass the issue of making your enemies guns light up to see them at night like someone said could be possible. Because you would have to have held that skin to be able to see it and or use it. My point on "not realizing how little of lag it would be" is merely pointing out my opinion that if the developers actually wanted to add this feature i believe they could with minimal impact on the servers. That i to trust the capabilities of the developers. I pointed out to a poster that in my opinion from what i know about them, by reading their post, they didn't know how much lag it would or would not cause. If you read my post as a derogatory one, that is on you. I however was trying to draw out the debate as i did. I was looking for that poster and or any others to comeback and give me solid facts or ideas as to why it would lag the server and or ultimately not work. And for them to either prove me wrong or right. I was successful in my goal. I got the debate i was looking for. Did you ASSUME i was trying to putting them down and or null their opinion(s)?
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