• Frost Ice AK
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Hello, I have developed a skin around August and Its been upvoted around 5,000 Times I would love to hear some input on it and some opinions on it and if you'd also like to see it in the game as well be sure to go drop a "Recommend" on it and a comment as well I'll be creating more skins like it . CLICK HERE TO VIEW IN WORKSHOP
I think this is just an advertisement, and you don't actually want input or opinions, but what the hell. I will not be voting for this item. I'll outline a few reasons why. What is it made out of? Is it just a block of ice? Why is a block of ice shooting bullets? Why is it shaped like an AK? Obvious visual bugs It looks like the texture was created with almost no concern for the form of the mesh. Leading to things below; text just running over UV seams and being cutoff. Form Logic Everything gets made somehow. Wood is cut, carved, or polished. Metal is heat-cut, pressure cut, pressed, oxidized. Whatever this is made of is no different. If it is a block of ice, it would show history of how it was formed; it'd bear the marks of being cut, there'd be directional striations showing the trajectory of the saw, there'd be imperfections and smoother areas. Related to this... Material Fidelity Even if this is supposed to look like it's made of ice (I strongly recommend you do not attempt to make a gun made out of ice), the texture you chose to use does not look like ice. Definitely start from reference if you are looking to hit the fidelity bar that Rust establishes. Here's what ice cut and/or molded into a shape looks like: Once you hit some of these, then you want to shift over to asking the same questions about the finer details. For instance, the text on the gun just looks like a "Stay Frosty" sticker slapped on the side. A sticker slapped on ice? How would this work? A better path to take, I recommend, is a normal wood-and-metal AK painted to look like ice. This would mean that the entire gun is not ice-textured; paint is not desirable on all surfaces of a moving machine; it would run and get chipped and flake off. But, it would also allow the gun to fit in the world much better; and it would give you a much easier answer to questions like, "how would this part of the gun look?" Cheers. I look forward to any updates you decide to make!
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