• Skin Loading
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First there was the loading of skins while connecting to map, then there were these loading icon things to remove the squares. I propose that when selecting an item there is an option to download the skin ingame.
Yeah maybe something in settings (Custom Workshop Skns: ON/OFF)
Fix skins thank you
Just bought 8 skins of the market and they won't load in game Skins seem to be quite buggy of late....
It's a known issue. Developers are looking in to it
It would be great if there was just an option to download all the accepted skins in one go. You can go into workshop and click the ones without a green circle on them to download them, but there are 20 pages to go through! Shouldn't accepted skins just be a forced download for everyone, I mean they can't be that big of a file, right ?
Added itemskintimeout convar Not sure if this helps, but this was recently added to the commits. Hopefully it helps some
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