• New PvE Server with PvP Zones | Raiding is allowed
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Hey Guys, a new PVE Server with intelligent PVP Zones is online. The most PVE Server don't allow raiding, but on our you can raid! Our server create automatically PVP Zones at monuments, markets, oil stations, supply drops, locked crates, destroyed tanks, crashed helis and playerbases (30m around your base). You can defend your base on raid. More informations and rules Gathering x2 Vanilla Solo/Duo Radiation on No griefing Beginner friendly Helpful and fair Admins Monthly wipe Server: F1 console => client.connect Search => Beginner Island | PvE/PvP | x2 | Vanilla | Solo/Duo Link => steam://connect/ Contact: Discord Last Wipe: 15/04 Regards Grovax
Last Wipe: 18.04. 10:00 CEST
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