• how to disable from Compound the Safe Zone + NPC and Turret?
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How i can disable from Compound the Safe Zone  + NPC and Turret? in the server.cfg i have Disabel the NPC and other stuff that i dont need server.events "false" nav_wait "false" nav_disable "true" ai.npc_enable "false" aimanager.ai_dormant "false" ai.npc_max_junkpile_count "0" ai.npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance "0.0" ai.npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance "0.0" ai.npc_max_population_military_tunnels "0" ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_max_military_tunnels "0.0" ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_min_military_tunnels "0.0" but dont find the commands for Compound and the oxide plugin dont Disabel it its only kill the npc and disabel the turret but stay ingame.
just dont go to the compound
wow thanks very helpful <3 tell me more about it! PS: pls delete your game and stay away from pc thx
As far as i know you cannot remove monuments from the game, The vending machines at the compound "refresh" on server restart (I think) the only way to keep players from going there is to use a plugin like zone manager (which might do it) and make it an exclusion zone, (?) personally i dont see the point in that , but is not my server and i doubt i would go on it,
You could suggest a plugin for this @Oxide, maybe they can help you ^^ PS: don't take people like parzival7, see his amount of posts, most are posts like his post here :P
There is a plugin for compound options but that wont stop players going there it only disables everything in it, and that is the one he is refering to i think,
Yeah, this plugin - Compound Options It can remove the SafeZone, NPC's & Turrets. But as far as that goes, you cannot remove the compound from the map.
Compound monuments is ok to stay but dont need SafeZone message , NPC's & Turrets. I know that Plugin but im sorry dont work.... and ya i reload it but NPC respawn and the SafeZone message come back. Turrets i remove it with ent kill but dont work on NPC. Thanks to all the reason is i am working on my own plugin and dont need SafeZone message , NPC's & Turrets on map (I try to learning C#) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/268471/954d0536-a239-4075-beed-2c390d948d41/ALLvsALL.png
It works ok on the server I play on, No problem at all. You go in unarmed do your shopping and leave , BUT try to take anything and you will die very quickly,
if it work why you need go unarmed in? XD and have you see what i try its have nothing to do wie normal rust. I try a Plugin that you join on server to WAR.
It works because the Outpost has been set up for trade and a safe place for players to meet , That is why you dont carry any weapons, And as the server I play on is modded it is not "normal" (vanilla) rust, You seem to be missing the whole point of the Outpost, It works by killing anyone who breaks the rules that it operates under, If you want to set up an arena for combat use Zone manager , That way you dont have to worry about the outpost, or use one of the other monuments like the airfield or Harbors that dont have Sentry turrets and Scientists, As I have absolutly no interest in ever playing on your server I will leave it at that. Good luck with it.
I don't care where you play XD How it looks like you don't understand what the people wrote. 1. you say plugin in work Have you ever read waht the plugin can do?? _MasterBB_ hes say : It can remove the SafeZone, NPC's & Turrets. But that dont work and that is what i have say!! Pls read next time mybe 2-4 again befor you answer! PS: You're only embarrassing yourself with that.!
The plugin; Its can: Configure sell prices and lists for vending machines (via /data/CompoundOptions.json) Disable Compound SafeZone trigger (attack player when enter to area with loaded gun or attack any NPC), defaults - off Disable Compound Turrets, defaults - off Disallow Compound NPC (for rollback need restart server/respawn npc), defaults - off Disable Compound vending machines, defaults - off (for rollback if switched 'on' need restart server) Run through your config file, and make sure everything is adjusted correctly. Check RCON for errors.
I have to read it at least three times to get any sense out of it at all at the best of times, ! The problem is that you don't read or understand what people (_MasterBB_) have told you and the information that is available in the OVERVIEW of the plugin. And if you use Zone Manager you can stop anyone from entering the compound area by using that plugins functions, BUT you will probably tell everyone that that plugin doesnt work ! If you want to use the compound and all the other monutments in a war game you will have to put up with any problems that entails, You cannot move buildings/tunnels/caves etc and if they are in the way just exclude them from the "arena" play area.
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