• how to disable from Compound the Safe Zone + NPC and Turret?
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How i can disable from Compound the Safe Zone  + NPC and Turret? in the server.cfg i have Disabel the NPC and other stuff that i dont need server.events "false" nav_wait "false" nav_disable "true" ai.npc_enable "false" aimanager.ai_dormant "false" ai.npc_max_junkpile_count "0" ai.npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance "0.0" ai.npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance "0.0" ai.npc_max_population_military_tunnels "0" ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_max_military_tunnels "0.0" ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_min_military_tunnels "0.0" but dont find the commands for Compound and the oxide plugin dont Disabel it its only kill the npc and disabel the turret but stay ingame.
just dont go to the compound
wow thanks very helpful <3 tell me more about it! PS: pls delete your game and stay away from pc thx
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