• [SEA/VN] ★ SURVIVORS ★ |X3|10K Stacks|Clan|StarterKit|TP| WIPED June 9th
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[SEA/VN] ★ SURVIVORS ★ To connect, press F1 ingame and in Console type the below and press Enter: IP: 3X Gather Clan QuickSmelt 10K Stacks DeathNotes StarterKits FriendlyFire Doorsharing Friend system Helicopter double hp & Damage Command: /Clan /Masterlock /Tpr /Home /Handyman /Kit AND MORE FUN!! 2 Week Map Wipe! Monthly BP Wipe! *No hacking  *No spam in chat  *Respect other players  *Active Admin  This server runs by friendly and mature admins.  Join us now!!
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