• US east 1 DDOS
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Fix this..... For gods sake. For the last 2 months prolly longer us east 1 is constantly getting ddossed. Please set up proper ddoss protection for gods sake I mean...
Yes please! It happens almost every night. It is ruining the server. It is very upsetting that there is nothing in place to detect this and block the flooding IP's.
It happens around the same time every day like clockwork. Please fix it facepunch
same happens on west 3 and west hapis. I mean there have been times that people will count down the ddos. With the addition of the blueprint system and server bound progress this is BS. If i have to drop another server and lose hundreds of hours of work on a server because a group begins to ddos it i think ill quit the game. This is my favorite game and i have 116hr clocked in the last two weeks alone....thats more than my job but this shit makes the game unplayable.....at best its simply not enjoyable. West hapis is literall down right now and has been down over an hour almost.
Still happening. Something needs to be done about it
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