• Fly Hack False Positive - Found Root
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I am a server owner and it was brought to my attention that after the patch some of my players are being kicked for a false positive for Fly Hacking. I've been able to trace this down to Caves, anywhere on the map there is a Cave the ground above it will cause clipping. If the cave is recessed into the ground the resources (trees/nodes/etc) are hover above the area but if the cave has a raised entrance (hill) it will still clip you but isn't visually as obvious. I have submitted a bug report for this but thought this might be a quicker way to get this info out, hopefully it helps.
Update - I've found other areas other than Caves now. Most areas are at the caves but I've found smaller patches on ground that is either at an incline or decline but not every incline/decline in the terrain.
I just saw this actually while playing a public server. I kept running into invisible walls basically and getting stuck, and other people got stuck in the air and got kicked for "Fly Hacking" lol
Good stuff. Thanks for the heads up.
Confirmed MAJOR issue on my server also, it has kicked almost every player that joins my server for fly hacking when they walk over certain areas... Video of this is below...
Me pasa lo mismo, por favor, si lo tienes solución, solución, ponlo aquí ... muchas gracias
Lag and ladders cause the same issue.
I am currently having this same issue on my server. I am using the same map seed and size, and didnt have this issue until this most recent wipe/bp wipe with the game leaving beta. Did anyone figure out how to resolve this?
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