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I am sevrer owner but unlike all RU EU or US servers i am living in bulgaria and yeah i am bulgarian. I am hosting server for our country form bulgaria, not from sites with host from frankfurt and etc. Also we have low community (i know this problem, but i think i can fix it.) My small server is 50, 75 or max 100 sloths but its very good vanilla and there are no other bulgarian sevrer max 1 more. I am in the community tab and i think that id the problem because its empty al the time now we are 14 people max and average 7-8 because bulgarians play in official or modded (i do not like them but they decide) or in community but they cant find server or there is other problem and now we have 3 USA servers and 3 Russia server ASIA oficial sevrer or australia or other servers all over the world but nope bulgaria. Only facepunch cna host official country servers What do i have to make to apply for official sevrer list or server will remain community. If i have i will change name but for now its (BULGARIA) SHKEMBE CHORBA - Official Server in the community tab name is popular bulgarian soup
k nice, facepunch planning to make bulgaria server then?!
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