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Hey all, We are starting up a bunch of servers and one or two of them will be rust servers. We will be looking for admins and moderators. We are currently in the setup stage so we do not have our website up but it is in development. We are looking for people who have time and are familiar with rust servers to help us with the development. Our reward schemes will be varied and will be discussed if you message me advising that you are interested. Please keep in mind that we are a small group and will not be able to offer much but if you would like to run/administrate your own server we will allow you do this at no cost of your own. We will also be considering custom plugins and such again at no cost to our developers. Please message me on here or email me domxx9@gmail.com Kind Regards Domxx9 Sonorous Servers
Perhaps we could collaborate on this. You : Are looking for an experienced Admin. I most certainly can assist with that. I have maintained multiple servers sporadically throughout three years. Experienced in Web & Graphic design. FTP, Oxide,Json , Configuration & Hosting. I have a professional career so my time is limited yet it is flexible. I prefer working with mature individuals and very communicative during any process of development. I prefer to have an open line of communication in order that no surprises occur. Me : As mentioned, I have a number of years service to offer. It was right before I started reading this post that I contemplated re starting a server. I should explain. At one point, I was helping a friend with her server. operating my own server as well as a white listed server that was by invite only which was a sort of "End Game" server. It was heavily modded with unique and massively constructed buildings,Npc's, mine field maze, booby traps which all lead to a progressive wave battlefieldesque storyline. 10 players would go against Live PVP/PVE (65 Npc's as well as staff members) elements that gained access to better weapons and loot (which carried over to the live server)as you progressed through 5 stages. In essence, it was not necessarily an "instance' yet it was created like such. It was a timed event that gave 10 lives per player. We performed multiple tests and had a lot of great interest and success. the issue came at a crucial time in Rust development when everything was fubar. It seems now that plugins and the game are a lot more stable and plugins are getting there as well. I just am not sure I am willing to invest financially. The time is tough enough ( I seem to cram a lot of production in a short period of time,but still) paying for it to is even tougher. My proposal. I will carry out as much Admin tasks that I can in order to assist you in getting going. In return, you spot me a server that I am able to do what I want with. In mutual assistance, allowing me to advertise the end game server on your normal servers, I will cross promote on my website as well in game your servers. Perhaps we could come up with a cross game name concept? IE: The end game server would only be available/accessible 1-2 times a week but during that time it could be scheduled and advertised via your servers/website the next time it will be open. During this time, I will cross promote on my website as well as my marketing sites your servers that will include a side promo for the end game server that will be tied in conjunction with. I am sure there are more creative ways we can both assist each others needs. At any rate, whatya think.
very interested, I have emailed you.
I can recommend Rush ^^ he has helped a lot of people on the forums and is really nice.
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