• Choosin server seed issues
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Hey! Im not sure if this is an issue with the new tiered map layout or if im just an idiot, but the server seed ive chosen isnt the map that my server ends up running. Ive done this a hundred times before the same way with no issues, but obviously ive screwed something up or they've changed something i dont know about. Here is a screen shot of my config file on gameservers.com And this is the link to the map id like http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural%20Map_3600_2443172 I literally just updated the server including oxide since it seems there was another update after the big one on Thursday. Any help figuring this out would be greatly apprciated! Thanks!
lol take a look at your server seed in your CMD you forgot to add a 4 =O)
I realize now i look stupid, but that was the wrong screen shot lol. I had changed a single digit to see if the seed would change, which it did. I've updated the screenshot with the correct one now lol. I restarted the server several times times with the 100% correct seed and still nothing
Ha! Not a worry man... Question, are you familiar / able to use RustIO. If so. What is your server loading to. Using RustIO you can check to see what World Size and seed it is going to by it's current default
Hi, You do know rustio gets outdated whenever a new worldgen comes out? You can try http://beancan.io/ it normally gets updated quicker than rustio. It doesn't have the resolution of RustIO, but it should allow you to chose a map of your choice. If not, then it should be updated soon enough. Good luck
I dont actually have RustIO downloaded for my server, i've just used it to preview and choose maps in the past. Ill be honest its amazing ive had as much success with my own server as i have. Im not super good with computers and it was a big learning curve just to set the basics up lol. TheGagabou, thanks for the info! I figured it was something to do with the recent update or something. I didnt know the generated maps would get outdated. Ive never had issues in the past, but most likely i was just lucky lol. Thanks for the help gents!
Klauss, I've removed your image as it was showing your rcon passwords etc. If these were your real details you may want to change your password.
Holmzy to the rescue 😂
TheGagabou, How do you confirm that it's updated? This is something I was struggling with. Cheers
By generating a map with a certain seed, generating the same map on beancan.io and compairing the maps. If you already have your server running, just type: seed, in the F1 console. Then search for your seed and your map size on the website, if it's the same, the website is updated.
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