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Good day My name is Marek [28] Im from Slovakia. I have a question about the servers I would like to start the official server for our two states CzechRepublic and SlovakRepublic  name for server CZECHOSLOVAKIA [ sound good ] Our community has many players and many servers but still not has official server. Currently we have more then 100 servers of our Czechoslovakia community. I would be pay for this Promote official server because I want to ''upgrade'' our community. I need to know if it's actually possible ? Contact mail : n12@atlas.sk Well thank
Somebody ask me ?
Same man i am form bulgaria and i wanna make my server official but looks like its not possible. There are 5 EU and 5 US servers only and thats good for all rust players ahh and 5 Russia london and shit. We have 2 bulgaria servers and because of community tab i think nobody joins i am now happy because i made 10-20 players ad advertising the server do not help because all bulgarians play in officials because thye are more populated lel. They do not want to play PVE game and thats why but nobody joins. And if one day facepunch open bulgaria server there will be hackers everywhere cuz thats are official no active admins and hackers thats the truth. I am active now and i am trying to make the perfect community and because there are only 2 servers i tihnk its possible but not now not this century
From what I have seen the only way to make your server official is to get in really tight with Facepunch. Not just anyone can make an official server and most have been dedicated for years. Take a look at what Rustafied has done, if you think you can even compare you may have a chance
I just thought its possible because for bulgaria there are only 2 servers to choose from in the game. I am not trying to make my EU server official for examplelike everyone. There are milions of eu servers for example. Can this help because are 2 servers only.
Probably not I’m afraid
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