• Please fix US West 2!!!
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US West has been down pretty much the last two days solid - my friends and I have put a ton of effort into the new bp system and now we can't even get in the server for more than 3-5 minutes at a time, usually with at least an hour or two of downtime in between. Could you guys please come up with a way to communicate the server statuses (and whether or not you are aware and/or working on the issues)? The general impression is that "Facepunch already got my money and they don't care if the servers go down". Love the game but not lovin' the official servers as of late.
https://www.rustmonitor.com/ This isn't official from FP, but it is a site I use to monitor Rust.
Thank you for the reply RL! I have been spam refreshing rustmonitor for the last two days, what I am truly hoping for is some sort of forum that facepunch would communicate on regarding the server outages...perhaps this is wishful thinking :/
Looks like it's down again?
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