• I got VAC Banned for doing nothing wrong
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So i was playing rust today and i went into a the crate or box in the base and then hit esc and then all of a sudden i get banned from face punch on the 9/11/17 at 9:15pm for nothing cause i haven't been told a reason either. I only have 8 hours on this game all my friends know i don't hack. I would really love to have a reason why i got banned and if there is no reason i don't know why i would get banned. Please i just want to play with my friends on rust ok, if you go to my steam i have had it for the longest time and never gotten banned on any other game Here is my steam to see my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/1nathcool Also here is my email if you would like to tell me why i got banned: Dogdogdog12345@live.com Thanks for your time and reading this, i would really love a second chance to play this game if there was a real reason to why i got banned. Kind Regards, Nathan
You got banned because you were hacking, regardless, FacePunch has nothing to do with VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat)
Nothing can be done for you. VAC is through Steam, not Facepunch
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