• Server with Oxidemod, can I switch to the community?
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Hello, help please, I can not find an answer to my question. I started the game server Rust. Installed an oxidemod, and added the plug-in card _playrust.io, an additional private AntiCheat, installed the plugin Donat shop _gamestores.ru. No more plug-ins I installed. Can I switch to the community section? Sorry, my bad English.
If I am not mistaken, what you are saying is that you ahve a server that was modded but you have taken all mods off. Now you are wondering if it can be listed in community? If this is the correct analogy then the answer to your question is yes. Once you add the mods it is no longer eligible to be a community ran server
on the server there are two plugins: Anti Cheat and donate shop. and _playrust.io card is connected. These plugins do not violate the rules community?
They do, you must not have one mod whatsoever
Thank you
FYI, I should add that this is all based around Oxide. As long as you have oxide, it will automatically add you to the list of modded. Take away Oxide and you will be under vanilla/community
I have to disagree with this one. Unless you've got information directly from the devs, there are plenty of servers which have been running oxide for years on end in the community tab. As long as no mods change the vanilla gameplay. They are tolerated in the community tab. I.e: typing /wipe in chat makes a small text pop-up in chat giving you info about wipe schedule. Plugins that only the admins can use and that are aimed at making it easier to catch hackers. If I'm wrong and there's some kind of written information somewhere, would you be so kind as to link it to me? Thanks, Pce
I sent a letter with this text to tech support, I was told that the server was modified. ----------- Hello, help please, I can not find an answer to my question. I started the game server Rust. Installed an oxidemod, and added the plug-in card playrust.io, an additional private AntiCheat, installed the plugin Donat shop gamestores.ru. No more plug-ins I installed. Can I switch to the community section? Sorry for my bad English ----------- answer Holmzy (Facepunch Studios) Nov 10, 11:09 WET No, your server is modded so should stay in the modded section. ------------------ Studio prohibits the use of any plug-ins in the community section, even if they make it easier for search hackers.
Gag, the reason they were able to do so was because those servers could alter a DLL that would essentially removed the tags from BuildServer Tags. Most of those were dedicated machines private void BuildServerTags(IList<string> taglist) { taglist.Add("modded"); taglist.Add("oxide"); }
I'm still pretty sure anything that doesn't impact gameplay is allowed/not really frowned upon. I'm also of the opinion this is the correct approach; official servers HAVE to be 100% vanilla, community ones can have non-gameplay impacting plugins and modded ones have full choice as long as it's not something that's an actual cheat. Kiev, was that last part of your comment something you wrote or was it included in the answer from Holmzy?
Gag, trust me. Been running servers since Legacy. It’s legit. As well, yea that was from Holmzy’s response
Totally agree with you, take for example the server rustafield, on the server setting the plug-in on the VIP slots
That’s because they are official
That’s because they are official. They get full support from Facepunch.
Зачем Wulf дал такую возможность в oxide.config? Если по правилам запрещено любые плагины в разделе community. {   "Options": {     "Modded": true, <----------------------     "DefaultGroups": {       "Players": "default",       "Administrators": "admin"     }   },
Rush, if that was the case I know dozens of servers that would get blacklisted instantly; and Facepunch has been known to not mess around with servers they believe should be blacklisted. Either all those servers struck a deal with FP or something's wrong here. P.s I'm talking about community servers. I haven't been running servers since legacy, but I've been admining and in constant contact with people running servers since legacy. No one ever had issues with FP and they were in constant contact with them, meaning if something was wrong, they would've been told. I'm not contesting the rules you say are set, just pointing out multiple cases where either these didn't seem to apply or were a little bit different than what' stated.
I joined a Community Server today and it has Oxide Plugins. Such as DeathNotes, Current Population, and Donation. I asked the admin about it and he said "FacePunch approved and authorized these plugins" Wtf, I have been running the faulty RustAdminTool this whole time and others just pay off FP or know someone with FP and get to run Oxide plugins? Thats not fair at all man...
This server is violating the rules. FP only aproves mods if they are not game changing for example: Vanish IF only available for admins ofcourse. FP wants the game to be vanilla, anything that affects the gameplay that is visually visable IS not vanilla and might end up being blacklisted. Ofcourse, they do not monitor servers but its very obvious that a server with x5 resources, skip night and stuff like those things that are NOT close to be vanilla at all, do not belong on the community tab. So if you are going to install a plugin, ask your self, is this going to break the vanilla state or will this not be visable for the users on my server? Even small things as GUI announcements, different admin color, betterchat, stuff like that is clearly visable different from what it should be and therefore is NOT vanilla. Hopefully this will clear things up. I would like to see an Official reacton from FP on how right or wrong i am, this is for what i know and this guidelines i follow.
lol ::shakes head:: Again..It is all about Oxide
So i can not connect to my server the donate shop? It has a small GUI box in the corner, and GUI window, that players can take their goods. Nothing else. Is it not vannilla?
Short: No, not if you want to be in community. Long: There are a lot of factors which influence what's allowed and what's not. No gui change, no gameplay change, no "extra features" for players. When it comes to admin tools, the story is different and contacting FP directly with a list of what you would like to be running on a server in the community tab is the right approach. If you're looking to have a thriving population and grab attention, you better make sure you fit their standards or your server will be blacklisted. If you're looking to gamble and cheat the system, you better hope no one finds out. Please don't come back to me with "how do I contact Facepunch" Hopefully that gives you a "what should I do" that's clear enough.
Welp, besides Holmzy's word and now Alistair's. I think this pretty much sums it up. The issue I think that was overlooked on the OP's was the fact that he was using RustIO which completely changes the game. Obviously, this would get you put onto Modded. But...at least we have somewhat of an "Official" stance. Time to put this to rest
Если установили Oxide, сервер должен находиться в разделе модифицированный. Так ответили мне разработчики.
Пока не установлены модификации модификаций игрового процесса, вы можете иметь сервер с оксидом на вкладке сообщества. Все, что меняет добычу, графический интерфейс или ванильный опыт, НЕ допускается. Написано с помощью инструмента перевода Google. As long as no gameplay modifying mods are installed, you can have a server with oxide in the community tab. Anything changing the loot, the GUI or the vanilla experience is NOT permitted. Written using the Google translation tool
Lets reborn this topic. I know that you can use admin tools to catch hackers like everyone type in vanilla community tab. Ok is there anyone who cna share tools and where i can downlaod them. I think its not problem if you use tools to cach hackers, or for example Anticheat, but like my example with anticheat, i searched and cant find plugin with anticheat for rust like for example kits plugin and drop it in my folder. What this admin tools mean and where i can find them?!
There isn't a large variety of oxide plugins that assist with that anyway. However, there are some things you can use that I believe would keep you in Vanilla listings. Rust Admin Radar Rust Box Looters Rust Player Tracker Rust Vanish Are all small manual things you can use. I am not for sure about the listing but I am almost certain these are acceptable. There used to be a Oxide Anti Cheat however it has since been removed as well as it's dependencies. You could always go to the forums on oxide and look for the paid plugin sections and see if someone is using a paid anti cheat
There are quite a lot of private non-visible plugins gotta know the plugin devs who make them. There's: getcombatlog "ID" (shows the combatlog of the id targeted) seeinv "ID" (Shows inventory and action bar of the id targeted) Admin radar Box looters BBT "ID" (Displays the coords on the bags, boxes and TCS placed by the id targeted) Bags "ID" Box "ID" TC "ID" port (Teleports where you're looking) Copy/paste tools Auto-upgrade-downgrade-demolish (For structure upgrading) There are also managers (Out of game alerts): Managers that give you alerts upon speedhack/speedswing happening Managers for no-recoil detection/probabilites(Tested for AHK and more) Managers for aim-correction detection (Projectiles not hitting but registering a hit) There are a lot of things plugin devs are willing to make as long as they get paid for it. This is litterally the only information I can say about it, even there I'm stretching it. If you look hard enough, plugin devs can make pretty much anything you want.
Thanks for that. I was only willing to go so far ..lol There are also ones I haven't seen/used before. Cheers Gag
Cheers, I offered as much information as I could Glad to know it was usefull
Just update the server and oxide will be removed, ultimately making it a community server.
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