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WELCOME TO RUSTED GAMING Introduction Hello and welcome to Rusted Gaming, We the staff team take pride in our servers and will do whatever it takes no matter the cost to give our players only the best experience on our servers possible. Our servers come with every essential plugin needed and we took those plugins and personalized and optimized them to work as efficient and convenient as possible. The Staff The staff team here is well managed and there is a 0% tolerance for poor behaved or immature staff. All of our staff is required to be of 16 years old or older and have some experience in staffing servers. Another positive note about our community is I (The Owner) am 21 years old I have been hosting servers from gmod to ArmA3 and Rust servers for over 2 years. Our community has been around for 2 years and does not expect to depreciate any time soon. I have not and will not lose hope or interest for the community and I work everyday to make it better. Our Server We have built our survival server to be the most fun possible without ruining the game by making it too difficult or too easy. This causes a nice balance that allows everyone to enjoy the game from new players to rust veterans. I myself have spent hundreds of hours over the past year optimizing this server to be only the best it can be. We keep up with Facepunch and their development in the game and when they release updates they are pushed onto the server immediately so our players can enjoy the game with minimal downtime. We are on a 2 week wipe schedule which means your bases, progress etc are reset every 2 weeks. Our server also has a simple server restart every 4 hours, This is to improve server performance and make our server lag free. FEATURES Enhanced Chat Death Notifications In Chat Custom Loot Tables Clans Instant Crafting Vote Rewards Easy Hammer For Upgrading Better Airdrops With Improved Loot Friends (Friendly Fire) Custom GUI Notifications (For Air Drops etc.) Custom GUI (Compas, Levels, Tips) Random Skins On Crafted Items (No Need To Buy Skins) Kits That Are Optimized To Help you But Not Too Much! In-Game Map And Map GUI No Decay Teleportation (Teleport To Your Friends) Faster Smelting Remover Tool (/remove) Rules GUI (Shows When First Entering Game) Sign Artist (Upload Custom Images To Signs) Skip Night Vote's Extra Large Stack Sizes (120,000) Trade (/trade) Custom Levels (Level Up = Mine More Per Hit) And Much More! See more information at Our Website -Rusted Gaming
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