• Cargo [ X3 | KITS | TP | CLANS ] WIPED 16.11
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[b][i]Welcome to Cargo![/i][/b][b] [u]CargoGaming’s 3X Rust server contains the following:[/u] [list][*]⛏ 3x all gathered resources! [/*][*]🚁 Advanced Teleport [to prevent players teleporting through walls]! [/*][*]🌖 70 minute days | 2 minute nights! [/*][*]🛠 Starter Kit [free kit for joining steam group]! [/*][*]🛡 Clans share authorization for doors/turrets! [/*][*]🎣 Fishing! [/*][*]🌿 Ability to get rope from gathering hemp! [/*][*]🛒 Custom Shop! [/*][*]🎭 Random Skins! [/*][*]⚔    60 second TP combat block [/*][*]💣 5-minute Raid TP block [/*][*]🏆 PvP Challenges! [/*][*]⏳ Quick Smelt! [/*][*]🔨 Remover Tool! [/*][*]👁️‍🗨️ Sign Artist! [/*][*]🎰 [u]Upgraded[/u] Heli and Bradley loot! [/*][*]🥇 Dedicated Discord Channel! [/*][*]🌌 Monthly BP wipes! [/*][*]🚨 Server wipes weekly! Every Thursday! [/*][*]🥊 Admins do not play on the server. They are only there to help with any issues. [/*][/list]Come check us out! We are a newer server looking to provide a great environment for you and your friends to enjoy the game free of admin abuse!
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