• Struggling With Server Population & Success [Suggestions?]
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Hello, I am the owner of Rusted Gaming and I have been hosting servers as Rusted Gaming for a little over 1.5 years now from Garry's Mod, minecraft, CSGO and Rust. I have always had an issue populating my servers with players no matter the time, effort or money invested I have always had this same issue. It's not that players do not like my servers, most of them say my servers are amazing but leave because an empty server is boring. I do not get many players that join at all... Over the years the most players i have ever had on my rust server at one time was 11 players. The most players i have ever had on any server is 17 players on a Unturned server. I have ran my community with professional standards including a professional website, professional approach to social media and as for the servers if there is a paid better version of a plugin I have it. I am not here to complain or wine about my lack of success in server hosting but rather just asking for some simple advice. Below is a little more information about the time and dedication that I've put into my community and servers, Thanks! Time per day invested into WORKING on the servers: 1-3hrs (average) Time invested into our website development: 40-60hrs Money spent on GMOD plugins: $375.38 Money spent on Rust plugins: $167 Money spent on advertising: +-$1,000 Money TOTAL invested into Rusted Gaming (2017): +-$2,138 I am not posting this financial information to show how much money i have lost but to rather show my dedication and passion for having quality servers. When i invest money into Rusted Gaming i do not expect any returns whatsoever from donations or any other form. I just want players to come to my community to be able to enjoy playing great servers without having to deal with the downfalls that most communities have such as lag, limited funding, no progress in development, toxic staff etc. Hopefully some of you can give me some solid advice and suggestions, Thanks! Website: https://www.rustedgaming.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rusted_Official
Autocorrect can help you more than anyone here can.
There's some groups out there that help communities get populated. Some are paid, Some are not. With a little research you may be able to find one.
Forget your an admin for a moment, maybe think about it from a player's view. what would you look for in a server to call home? How often do you wipe, Bp's and map. to often and the grind may not seem worthwhile Map size- too big can put players off group size-is there a limit modded-if modded or not
Just my two sense. I do not trust private servers. Power corrupts, we all know that. This is a toxic group of players, we're all untrusting. I am sick of admin abuse and just don't want to even invest any time on a server where there could be an admin giving out to their friends and playing on the server... You could be the most trust worthy person in the world, but the perception is the private servers are problematic. Its hard enough playing with totally moronic players who are so toxic that groups of geared players run around killing and looking for nudes to kill and grief ... In fact going out of their way to kill nudes.... How could we trust a server admin in anyway. Their usually  playing or helping their friends...and we have all seen the abuse, bans for personal reasons...
2 week wipes (I tried monthly wipes but the entity count got way too high due to no players destroying entities and lagged the server) Blueprints are turned off due to majority of people liking them turned off more. 4000 map size (sometimes 4250) I dont have enough players to even worry about a group size limit so it's unlimited a the moment. It is modded but all mods are to improve the game in a good way, not a bunch of ridiculous mods that ruin the game...
an option could be to cap the population to draw people in currently you have 110 slots, maybe cap it a lot lower-should be possible in config file you can increase it as its required-but maybe only when you do a wipe try a 3k map-players can be asked if on next wipe they want a bigger map State in description-the key facts about the server: no bp's etc how often it wipes-recent wipe and next wipe. consider a group limit-hard to police but possible
The entity count was due to tees, rocks, animals etc. I have decay on for twig only. Remember i have no players so structures are not being built lol... Everybody i know will call a modded server trash if it doesnt have enhanced hammer, thats a large feature people want.... Same with remover hammer....
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