• One of the first Rust servers The Redemption Returns December 7th
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The server is currently operational,however it is not functioning as intended. Please understand that the server WILL experience sudden restarts,possible loss of progression and changes will be constant until our opening date *** [img]https://i.imgur.com/MAQvhPd.png[/img] If you wish to take a look at our progression, In game - Hit F1 and copy/paste:  client.connect Redemption Rust West Coast is a modded server with a multitude of plugins that provide a MED Rate Rust gaming experience. Our key element is game balance. Using over 60+ Plug Ins we have committed over 300 tests ensuring progression,stability and overall enjoyment. We are a no wipe server (unless force) which gives people a chance to actually build and maintain a base for an extended period Utilizing the ZLevels XP PlugIn, we have structured a fair leveling system where you gain multipliers in resourcing,crafting and gathering rates the more XP you get. You won't start off at x500 multiplier but before you know it you will be increasing your gathering rate. Night time also brings considerable bonuses to resourcing. Again, balance Raiding is an important and vital part of the game. We HIGHLY encourage it. However, we have always felt it needed to be harder. This should be regardless to clan,trios and solos. So, the only appropriate action was to limit the amount of explosives in the game. We didn't take it out,we adjusted the amounts one could find or craft. This includes Timed Explosives as well as Rockets. By reducing the amount of Sulfur and Charcoal we can regulate a slower production value across the board,for everyone. Stacks are limited to the amount of Sulfur you can carry (as opposed to other resources) Sulfur gathering is reduced and Charcoal production is 1 to 5, rendering it a commodity. Again....Balance. With these mechanics in play it should pace the building and raiding progress. This also gives players the ability to better defend their bases and the time to do so not having to worry if their base is gone in the first hour. But you have to earn it. This is not an easy server, do not let the multipliers fool you. The equalizer that puts things all together is the added commands one can access. When you advance XPLevels in Redemption you are not only increasing valuable resourcing and crafting abilities, you are also gaining access to abilities that will gain an edge over your enemies. Examples: Need to get across the map? At Level 10 you gain access to Mel's Garage and the vehicle inventory. Level 15 will grant you commands to battle,pillage and destroy the countryside in your very own Bradley Tank. You, are a lonewolf. Clans....you hate them yet there is a clan on the server who already raided you. What they didn't know. You, have a stash of 1k C4. Your only chance is to get them offline,yet..they never are. A stealth mission at night and you place your Timed Explosives strategically. But a timer doesn't go off.  200 C4 around the perimeter as far as you can throw them and you take cover on a hill. With the snap of a keystroke, the entire outer grounds go up in one blaze of glory. At Level 25, yes...you to can have a true timed explosive detonator. These are just a few things to expect In other words... This is a survival server This is NOT for the beginner Rust player. Redemption gives you the tools to , the choice is yours How long can you survive? --------------------- x100-x500 Gather Rate * ZLevels XP System RustIO Mapping System * Better Loot * Crafting Controller * Fancy Drops * Magic Loot * Night Lantern * No Decay * No Fuel Requirements * Automatic Nighttime Lantern *  Quick Smelt  * Remover * Security Lights * Smart Home * Sign Artist * Stack Size * Sleeper Protection * Triggered Time Explosives *InstaBulkcraft * Teleport (24 per day) * Home (x8) *  BuildingGrade * Kit  * Call a Airstrike * JPipes * Large Resource Stacking *  Magazine Booster * Chat Head * Compass * And many more customized plug ins http://redemptionrusted.clanwebsite.com/
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