• Rust Server crash
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very good, I am a server administrator of rust and sometimes I get an error that I do not understand how to fix it and it does not happen to me often but it happens at least 2 times per month in different servers that I have even with different operating system. regards! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xg37SibUrvIBL0aHCtzk_1ehaPWXPf7i/view
1st error: Error occurred at 2017-11-19_143820. E:\steamcmd\rust_server\RustDedicated.exe, run by Administrador. 51% memory in use. 8062 MB physical memory [3919 MB free]. 9982 MB paging file [5808 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134213979 MB free]. Write to location addf49d4 caused an access violation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd error: Error occurred at 2017-11-19_174408. C:\steamcmd\rust_server\RustDedicated.exe, run by Rene Auger. 36% memory in use. 24515 MB physical memory [15498 MB free]. 28099 MB paging file [18012 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134211169 MB free]. Write to location 04002e34 caused an access violation. Try to post your errors like so next time so we can better help you. "Write to location 04002e34 caused an access violation." I'm not a professional at this kind of stuff but I am thinking that you are having some issues with permissions on your machine. Maybe try checking the permissions on the directory "rust_server". If that does not work then try to copy your server into a new directory that you made such as "rust_server1". that new directory will have the default permissions and might just work... Also i recommend you move your servers out of the steamcmd directory to a directory in your C drive. this might also help with your permissions issues and it's a lot more organized. For example my server directory is C:\servers\servername
thank you very much, I will try it and I will comment later
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perform the aforementioned test, but last night with 93 player I had the same thing: c, and I do not know why it happened because it happens in different hardware that I have tried ..
93 players?!? I need your help more than you need mine haha anyways, I dont know a solution to your issue but hopefully someone else will. Good luck
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