• How to wipe your rust server?
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I downloaded the dedicated server zip off of this website but idk how to wipe it. Can anyone help me?
First off, it's not called a "dedicated" server if you are running it off your own computer. A dedicated server is a "super computer" that runs 24/7 with lots of ram and a decent CPU and plenty of upload/download to handle whatever you are doing with it. Why steam calls them "Dedicated servers" I will never know as they should just be called "server files". Second is that you are already doing this so wrong it's humiliating. You dont download your server file from a website. It is more than likely going to be very out of date and probably has a virus stuffed in there... instead you need to download the latest server version using SteamCMD. If you want to host a server please follow this guide: Here If you are interested in hosting your own servers then I highly suggest you take a look into getting a VPS from Emperor Hosting. you can save 10% off your first order using my code: RUSTEDGAMING
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Stop server -> delete save files -> start server again. Done.
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