• Australia #1 Admin abuse and hackers
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My friends were playing on Australia #1 server and got raided by a group of hackers and not only that but the Admins were on the same side as the hackers. Not only did the Admins turn a blind eye to the hackers but also banned my friends clan after they came forth with video evidence showing the hackers in action. If anything please do not connect to that server, I would hope anyone with a decent mind would agree with me and boycot them.
We had a nice clan going, our main base was a cave in W18 Hapis Map, the 2 admins ingame backed up the hackers.Named Nomez and Admin. we managed to record them thanks to a glitch in the cave, i lagged out and pushed one of my clanmembers through the map, making her fall under the map into the water, from there it was clear hacks are being used and it was recorded. the admins are aware of this glitch, they even warned us about it. as soon as we managed to record the clan that hacking and raiding us, we sent it to admin, The response was telling us they arent hacking and they watching the raid, after that banning us. the day before they raided us, we raided their main storage emptying all their C4 and rockets. for some reason they had hundreds more the day after suddenly, i assume the admins provided them.
Lets see the video
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