• Russia Hapis 2 is down
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Russia Hapis 2 ( and Russia 6 ( both are down for last 4 days. Their uptime is less than 5/24 hours. This problem has begun less than a week ago. First few days server was just lagging at the evenings. But 22.11 it went offline and now never becomes online longer than a hour since that day.
I dont understand why you people play these official servers if they are so poorly managed? not being rude or anything i just honestly dont get it. Every day I see someone saying the official servers are down yet there are thousands of vanilla servers in the community section that are playable and most are more managed than the official servers with a 98%-99% up-time. For example if my servers were down for more than 10 minutes then it must be something out of my control such as my data center losing internet/power etc which is very rare.
Well all that servers have several problems in common. Wipes every 1 or 2 weeks, poor online (less than 60-70 in peak), high ping (over 100). So it's not so easy to found good, appropriate server to play. However even if I do find one, that server will die in few months as it was with like 5 servers I used to play on.
I have hosted Rust servers for almost 2 years straight, my modded levels server has been up for almost 2 years. I recently added 3 more rust servers a vanilla, 5x and a 3x server. I'm not sure how your ping will be but it is wiped monthly and no downtime except for server updates. If you are interested you can see more info at www.rustedgaming.com
Normal people don't want to play on your GREAT managed servers with your classmates-admins and your donaters (good shop man, VIP for 25$ lol). Not being rude or anything i just honestly dont get it.
1st. "Normal people don't want to play on your GREAT managed servers" makes sense... 2nd. "classmates-admins" I'm 21 years old so i'm not in school and I do not even have any staff at the moment... 3rd. it's VIP++ for $25 and i'm assuming you said "lol" because you think this price is high. The prices are set high to keep my servers from being flooded with pay to win players. If you really want to have VIP then you will have to pay for it... I could care less about how many people buy it I can support my servers on my own. 4th. "Not being rude or anything i just honestly dont get it." That was pretty rude and uncalled for.
Both servers are down again!
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