• New server host help
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I just started a surver through "survival servers" and i cannot access my sever. Ive tried using the client.connect command but its not letting me connect and it's not showing up on the community page.
have you set up your server at all? your server is not magically created when you buy it, You have to customize your hostname and whatnot and if you are making a modded server than there will be tons of work to be done. If you already knew this then have you actually started your server in your panel? Also you cannot change the port from the port they provided, if you did that port would not be open and cause your server to not allow incoming connections.
My friend was able to find it on the community page and i was able to connect off of him. I changed the host name and set everything up through the providers host page. Im on it now but is there a reason i was unable to find it but he was?
sometimes if a server is not responding at the wrong time while refreshing your server list it will just skip it and not show, I'm sure if you refresh now it will show up for you.
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