• Open an official solo/duo/trio server
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If you do this its going to be revolutionary. Community's solo/duo/trios die really fast, maybe because of the admin, or the server turning off, or ddos attack, etc, wich makes them to die the day after. So people want to play on a populated server, like officials, but theres a lot of clans on officials wich make the game really annoying. So i think opening an official solo/duo/trio would be great.
This would require them to have staff on the server at all times making sure people do not create clans consisting of more than whatever the amount is. Unless they add their own clan system and limit it this will more than likely never happen.
There are quite a few great solo-duo-trio servers which don't stay poped even tho they're not affected by ddos, no admin abuses, their server doesnt go down. The truth is people switch server after 2-3 days on these types of servers, why? I still don't know.
Same here
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