• Unplayable
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This game is completely unplayable with official servers the way they are. Multiple times are day there are outages or unnecessarily high ping. Are there plans in the future to sort this out
Have you ever checked the cause of this issue, i see you are Australian and therefor you can assume that your ISP is fucking around and not just the RUST servers. Australia is known for their shitty internet
Same goes for UK Hapis server so it's nothing to do with your opinion of Australia's supposed rubbish internet. If it's not DDOS attacks or hackers then you're stuck with 'Receiving Data' error, sometimes everything you try doesn't help resolving that. Also long periods of heavy lag plague the server. I agree it's unplayable and for an offical FacePunch server is quite embarrassing for the company. I recommend they halt 'Road Map' changes until they sort out these problems, or they will lose customers.
LOL You suggest they halt the road map? Just because no one can play a server? What about the upteen hundreds of Community servers out there. Boy are you delusional. Pro Tip : Official servers are playgrounds for low uptime, hackers, no admin or moderators and bugs. This is and has been known for years and is not anything particularly new. Take the advice and go there, otherwise this is your warning. Come back and bitch about official again and it's your own fault.
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