• Possible Administrator Positions
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Hey guys, I am looking for any decent populated server that is looking for Admins, I can be extremely active and helpful to the community. If you own or know any communities where I can get an administrator spot, please post below. I have a ton of experience in being an Administrator and just helping people out in general.
I am looking for staff that can help populate and manage our servers as well as be a part of rusted gaming in it's development. Leave an application below and we will review it and let you know, thanks! Apply – Rusted Gaming
I just started a vanilla server and i could use some(alot) of help. If youre interested email me @ rustynipsofficial@gmail.com. We dont have a big population yet but im hopping to get there.
I am hosting server for country bulgaria and its vanilla too. Just can help yuo with basic setup also i have 20 people max and average 10
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