• Bulgarian Server - Vanilla, Sedans, 2k map and good community!
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I am hosting bulgarian seerver. Its vanilla with automated rcon command for sedan spawns at the monuments 1-2 every hours. Everyone is welcome not only bulgarians. Small population, small map. Cool 2000 map with only forced wipes and no bp wipes until forced. Name: (BULGARIA/EUROPE) SHKEMBE CHORBA - OFFICIAL SERVER -> in community tab. Search the name in steam, join the group if you want info about server, updates ip and more. Enjoy xD
Nice, well done on hosting a server. Just one question, where did you host this server?
Its made for bulgarians mostly and its bulgarian host. Ping is max 50 if you join from Bulgaria but everyone is welcome from Europe.
I mean, did you host if from your PC at home?
Its at home but its machine only for the host running rust server and thats all.
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